Designing An Epic Starship Part 3: Detailing The Upper Level
By Neil Blevins
Created On: Aug 3rd 2014

This multi-part tutorial discusses designing an epic starship in Photoshop, starting with the silhouette, then moving on to refining the shape, and ending in detailing. While the final results look dimensional, 90% of the work is actually done in 2d in photoshop, achieving 3d looking results with only the most minor 3d work involved. Part 3 focuses on detailing the Upper Level of the ship, and then final tweaks to get the final starship design.

25 min + 35 min + 40 min  = 100 min video, $5
Available as part of a 3 video pack:
Designing An Epic Starship Parts 1, 2 and 3 (Gumroad)

Here's the final starship design:

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