Glazed Pottery Material
By Neil Blevins
Created On: June 19th 2002
Updated On: Aug 21st 2005

Here's a tutorial on how to create a glazed pottery type material. For my example, I'll use the Brazil renderer inside 3dsmax, although there are equivalents in any renderer that allows raytracing.

Glazed Pottery

The basic ingredients are as follows:

Glazed Pottery

Here's the max file that made the image above, max5, brazil rio: (15K)

The material is quite simple, a Brazil Advanced Material set to a black diffuse color. Then a falloff in the reflect slot set to an IOR of 2.5. Turn off specular highlight if you want to use real raytraced reflections only and not light the scene with specular lights.

Remember, half of what makes a material look like a particular material is the environment it's in. A wise man said reflections only look as good as the environment the object is reflecting, keep that in mind. For this scene, there's a lot of white in the environment, and I've placed some Black cards to appear in the reflections (some white cards such as in the Glass scene may also work well).

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