Inc Behind The Scenes: Color Sketches To Final
By Neil Blevins
Created On: Oct 15th 2017

Many of my images appear in my brain fully formed. I know many artists like exploring inside the medium to discover their compositions, and I do that now and again, but much of my more successful work is already well planned out long before I touch the pencil or the computer.

But now that I am inspired, I am afraid of losing that inspiration, the vision. So my first task is to find the fastest way to get all the basics of the image in a tangible form. Details are just details, I can do that almost mindlessly. But my initial goal is to capture the overall image: color, form, lighting, as immediately as possible

So I use whatever medium works best for a particular image. Sometimes that means traditional pencil and paper. Sometimes that means going into Photoshop and painting flat colors that represent the more detailed work to come. Sometimes it means going into a 3d program and blocking out the basic positions and camera to get the composition.

Once I've captured that essence of the image I want to make (the process is usually no more than 30-60 minutes), I can let the image sit and return to it later, where I will use 3d rendering, photographs, and hand painted elements to construct the final detailed painting. Or as I like calling them, "Digital Collages", since I feel the term painting no longer truly captures the digital image making process.

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