Changing A Photoshop Layer's Color To A Different Color While Keeping Transparency
By Neil Blevins
Created On: Apr 4th 2009

Go here to read this tutorial in Russian.

Say you have a layer in Photoshop with some transparency, and you want to fill that layer with a different color, except you want to keep the layer's transparency as it is. Here's 2 ways to do it...

1) Here's your layer, black drips on a transparent background. Lets say we want to change the color from black to brown.

2) Change your color to brown.

3) Try Edit, Fill and OK. The whole layer gets filled with brown. This is not what we want. Undo.

4) Fill again, but this time check the "Preserve Transparency" checkbox. Now when you fill, you keep your transparency, but you've now filled your layer with your new color.

5) The second way is similar. Except this time, instead of turning on "Preserve Transparency" in Fill, press the "Lock Transparent Pixels" button in your layers window. A little lock icon will appear beside your layer. Now use Fill. It will keep the transparency on the layer while filling in your new color.

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