Matching Lighting Direction In A Photobash
By Neil Blevins
Created On: Mar 22nd 2021

So for years now people have used photobashing techniques to add detail to their concept images. Why paint every leaf of a tree when you can take a photo of a tree and fit it into your painting? But while photobashing is a valuable tool for the modern artist, it can be used for evil instead of good. Case in point, if I am mixing multiple photos in the same painting, I need to make sure that the lighting direction is the same for all images I bring together. I mean, if you're just doing a super quick sketch that you plan on just showing a couple of people on your team to give them the general idea, this extra step is likely not necessary. But if you're going to include photobashed elements in your portfolio, or in a final painting for a client, consistent lighting direction is a must.

So in this tutorial I'm going to do a quick photobash, show you the problem, and then present a few different solutions to fix the problem.

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