Spun Pattern
By Neil Blevins
Mar 19th 2007

Go here to read this tutorial in Russian.

This question came up on a message board recently, how to make the grooves in a cymbal. But this sort of pattern is useful for a lot of things, such as brushed metal surfaces, even CDs (although technically a CD has a more even pattern). Here's a quick photoshop trick to make spun patterns, such as the one I used in my Reaper 5 image as a bump map on the metal on the face.

Reaper 5.

Go into Photoshop, and apply the noise filter to a white background (your image should usually be square).

Figure 1

This creates the following image...

Figure 2

Now Apply the Radial Blur Filter, set to Spin, crank the Amount all the way up, and do best quality...

Figure 3

This gives you this...

Figure 4

You may want to repeat the radial blur filter a few times to get smoother results, or do it only once and reduce the Amount if you want it only partly spun.

Lastly, I usually apply some sort of Levels to the image to get better contrast...

Figure 5

Figure 6

You may or may not need this step depending on how you're using the final pattern in your 3d software.

And there you have it.

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