Hive Mind I
No. S097, Apr 19th 2009
Programs: MAX, Brazil, Photoshop
Here's an odd story of inspiration. So I was going through the gallery section of cgtalk, and I saw this thumbnail that really caught my eye. When I clicked on it, it turns out the thumbnail was actually taken from a rather minor part of the final image, it wasn't the focal point at all. I loved the thumbnail so much, it inspired me to make this image, which of course looks nothing like the final image they made. I totally can't find their image anymore, so I can't credit them for the initial inspiration, but if anyone finds a thumbnail that looks kinda like this image, let me know so I can credit the original artist. It's funny how an artists mind can make odd associations, you see a set of shapes or colors, and one artist sees a loaf of bread, another sees the potential for the same shapes to form a scary monster. I painted this image really big (like 5k) so I can print him out really huge one day, I think he'll look pretty imposing on the wall. About half paint and half 3d. Already have a Hive Mind II in the works that has a similar creature, but totally different composition.