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Personal Artwork

New Artwork
Base Of The Falls Silhouette SketchInc Coral Desert Wandering 9 B RoughNext To Conquer 1 RoughLast Stand Rough

Inc - Environments
Inc Coral Desert Wandering 9 B RoughInc Oasis Gate 3Inc On The Horizon 4Inc I'm GoingInc Coral Desert Wandering 2 RoughInc Coral Desert Wandering 1 RoughInc Sunset At The Citadel RoughInc Distant Mirage Rough

Inc - Key Scenes
Inc God Robot 2 Final Battle 2Inc My FriendInc God Robot 1 Defends 4Inc Coral Desert Wandering 10Inc Poster 1Inc Aliens Arrive In The Past 1Inc Meeting The Space Pirates RoughInc Aliens Arrive 1D

Inc - Models Hard Surface
Inc The Robot Model Kit UnpaintedInc The RobotInc Alien Ship 9

Inc - Type
Inc Logo 31Inc Logo 36

Megastructures 5 Shkadov Thruster Design PacketMegastructures 4 Krasnikov Tube Design PacketMegastructures 3 Alderson Disk Design PacketMegastructures 2 Space Elevator Design PacketMegastructures 1 Ringworld Design PacketXeelee Sequence Resplendent The Worlds Of Man Fell DarkFortress 2Day's EndOver Black CloudsMarianas IIMouths To Feed IIIPlanetary DefenseGas City IISwirling SandsBlood Planet

Environments - Rough
Next To Conquer 1 RoughPeril The Seeyer Giza Mainframe 2 RoughInstagram Monster Scene RoughThe Act Of Creation Part 1 RoughGas City III RoughDay's End 2 RoughFlat City RoughTwin Peaks 3 RoughAlien Forest RoughThe Ark II RoughRidge At Sunset RoughPyramid II Rough
Environments - Concept
Base Of The Falls Silhouette SketchXeelee Sequence Exultant Conurbation Line Sketch

Key Scenes
Last Stand RoughMegastructures 6 Skyhook Design PacketHive Mind IISpore IIISeek Out New LifeHive Mind IGas Walker IEyesReaper IXMortal TerrorEarth DwellerThe Reaper 8The Gathering 2Entry Point_2Alternative BirthWhite RoomDevoured

Key Scenes
- Rough
Cattle 4 RoughArmada 3 RoughPeril Mist Creature 5 RoughGrunt RoughFire God RoughGas Giant RoughGolem RoughCacodaemon RoughArmada RoughCattle II RoughCattle Rough

Key Scenes - Concept
Atmospheric Entry Color SketchXeelee Sequence Timelike Infinity The Eye Of The Spline Color SketchSpace Battle 1 3D Sketch

Models - Hard Surface
Tech Floor 16Tech Floor 15Tech Floor 14Tech Floor 13Tech Floor 12Tech Floor 11BTech Floor 10Tech Floor 9Tech Floor 8Tech Floor 7
Tech Floor 6Tech Floor 5Tech Floor 4Tech Floor 3Tech Floor 2Tech Floor 1

Models - Hard Surface
Power CellAlien Starship 4Measured Assessment Mortuary RobotLoaderbot 1PreySandmanAnterak 21VirusbotFlattop BotQuintessonBrunt

Models - Hard Surface - Rough
Ghost Hunter Bertie MK3 RoughGrabbot I RoughBrainbot Rough

Models - Hard Surface - Concept
Brainbot Line SketchMeasured Assessment Mortuary Robot Line SketchMeasured Assessment Old Angel Robot Line SketchCrabbot Line SketchGrabbot I Line Sketch
Alien Starship Silhouette SketchTech Floor 9 Silhouette SketchTech Floor 8 Silhouette Sketch
Xeelee Sequence Exultant Greenship Color Sketch

Models - Organic
Magic CarpetKyteRocksOtterSucker 10Sucker 9Sucker 8Sucker 7Sucker 6Sucker 5Sucker 4Lizard

Models - Organic - Rough
Alien Portrait 3 RoughAlien Portrait 2 RoughAlien Portrait 1 RoughSail Body Rough

Models - Organic - Concept
The Heritage Universe Zardalu Line SketchPeril Mist Creature Silhouette SketchCrabhead Line SketchSlither Line SketchKnife Head Line SketchFloater I Line Sketch

Marin Sunset VIMarin Sunset VBarnabe Hike IIIDelicate Arch IMarin Sunset IIIMarin SunsetUpstate SunsetCliffs Of MoherLake Mead SunsetDistant HillsGirl In The CrowdVaranus Panoptes

Tests - Color Abstracts
Color Abstract 8Color Abstract 6Color Abstract 4Color Abstract 1

Tests - Shaders
Alien CratersGum EraserShellSatin

Type - Fonts

Collaborative Artwork
Blur Studio
Mindbridge Alien ReactorFellowshipCyclonians JunkworldOut Of TimeMedbay GI

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