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Personal Artwork

New Artwork
Monolith Artifact 1 3D SketchInc Oasis Wall 1Floater 1SkaginRefinery Sunrise RoughDoomsday Machine 4 Color SketchXeelee Sequence Timelike Infinity The Eye Of The Spline 1Last Stand RoughNext To Conquer 1 RoughInc Coral Desert Wandering 9 B Rough

Inc Book Project
Inc Oasis Wall 1Inc Oasis Gate 3Inc The Robot Model Kit UnpaintedInc Coral Desert Wandering 9 B RoughInc Meeting The Space Pirates RoughInc I'm GoingInc Aliens Arrive In The Past 1Inc Poster 1Inc On The Horizon 4Inc God Robot 2 Final Battle 2Inc Coral Desert Wandering 10Inc Coral Desert Wandering 1 RoughInc Alien Ship 9Inc My FriendInc Coral Desert Wandering 2 RoughInc The RobotInc God Robot 1 Defends 4Inc Aliens Arrive 1DInc Sunset At The Citadel RoughInc Distant Mirage Rough

Megastructures 6 Skyhook Design PacketMegastructures 5 Shkadov Thruster Design PacketMegastructures 4 Krasnikov Tube Design PacketMegastructures 3 Alderson Disk Design PacketMegastructures 2 Space Elevator Design PacketMegastructures 1 Ringworld Design Packet

Xeelee Sequence Resplendent The Worlds Of Man Fell DarkFortress 2Day's EndOver Black CloudsMarianas IIMouths To Feed IIIPlanetary DefenseGas City IISwirling SandsBlood PlanetRefinery Sunrise RoughNext To Conquer 1 RoughPeril The Seeyer Giza Mainframe 2 RoughInstagram Monster Scene RoughThe Act Of Creation Part 1 RoughGas City III RoughDay's End 2 RoughFlat City RoughTwin Peaks 3 RoughAlien Forest RoughRidge At Sunset RoughPyramid II Rough Monolith Artifact 1 3D SketchBase Of The Falls Silhouette SketchXeelee Sequence Exultant Conurbation Line Sketch

Key Scenes
Xeelee Sequence Timelike Infinity The Eye Of The Spline 1Hive Mind IISpore IIISeek Out New LifeHive Mind IGas Walker IEyesReaper IXMortal TerrorEarth DwellerThe Reaper 8The Gathering 2Entry Point_2Alternative BirthWhite RoomDevouredLast Stand RoughCattle 4 RoughArmada 3 RoughPeril Mist Creature 5 RoughGrunt RoughFire God RoughGolem RoughCacodaemon RoughArmada RoughCattle II RoughCattle 1 RoughDoomsday Machine 4 Color SketchAtmospheric Entry Color SketchSpace Battle 1 3D Sketch

Models Starship Hulls
Tech Floor 16Tech Floor 15Tech Floor 14Tech Floor 13Tech Floor 12Tech Floor 11BTech Floor 10Tech Floor 9Tech Floor 8Tech Floor 7
Tech Floor 6Tech Floor 5Tech Floor 4Tech Floor 3Tech Floor 2Tech Floor 1

Models Hard Surface
Power CellAlien Starship 4Measured Assessment Mortuary RobotLoaderbot 1PreySandmanVirusbotFlattop BotQuintessonBruntGhost Hunter Bertie MK3 RoughGrabbot I RoughBrainbot RoughXeelee Sequence Exultant Greenship Color SketchMeasured Assessment Old Angel Robot Line SketchCrabbot Line Sketch

Models Organic
Floater 1SkaginMagic CarpetKyteSucker 10Sucker 8Sucker 7Sucker 5Sucker 4LizardAlien Portrait 3 RoughAlien Portrait 2 RoughAlien Portrait 1 RoughThe Heritage Universe Zardalu Line SketchPeril Mist Creature Silhouette SketchCrabhead Line SketchKnife Head Line Sketch

Marin Sunset VIMarin Sunset VMarin Sunset IIIMarin Sunset 1Cliffs Of MoherLake Mead SunsetDistant HillsGirl In The CrowdVaranus Panoptes


Collaborative Artwork
Blur Studio
Mindbridge Alien ReactorFellowshipCyclonians JunkworldOut Of TimeMedbay GI

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