Megastructures is Soulburn Press' second book.


"Megastructures" will be a visual encyclopedia of scifi megastructures, everything from orbiting space habitats to solar system spanning stellar engineering projects. Each structure will include a scientific explanation, followed by paintings and diagrams that bring the concept to life.

The book currently contains 40 megastructures, the complete list is below...

Alderson Disk, Arcology, Artificial Sun, Bernal Sphere, Birch Planet, Bishop Ring, Ceiling City, Cloud City, Discworld, Dyson Sphere, Ecumenopolis, Floating City, Fusion Candle, Gas Giant Refinery, Geofront, Hoopworld, Interstellar Highway, Krasnikov Tube, Launch Loop, Matrioshka Brain, Megatall Skyscraper, Movable City, Nicoll-Dyson Laser, O'Neill Cylinder, Orbital Ring, Polyhedral Habitat, Ringworld, Rungworld, Shell World, Shkadov Thruster, Skyhook, Space Elevator, Space Farm, Stanford Torus, Star Lifter, Star Tram, Topopolis, Undersea Habitat, Warp Gate, Worldhouse Roof

Planned for 2021

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