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Upres And Downres A Sculpt Layer:

When you create a Sculpt layer, and then displace on it, that layer gets locked at whatever subdivision layer you're currently on. This means that if you move up or down between different subdivision levels, that layer cannot be affected (ie, can't be painted on, can't be turned off, can't have it's Opacity changed).

I understand this is a limitation of the system, however, what would be useful is a converter. Say you've got 10 layers all locked to subdivision level 7. Then you decide to subdivide one more time, to level 8. Rather than not being able to affect these layers anymore without moving down a level, it would be nice to be able to select one or all of these layers, and say "Convert to Active Subdivision Level". This would convert that layer to subdiv level 8, and lock it at that level. It may not be as useful as being able to paint on any layer at any subdiv level, but at least it would give you more flexibility to take a few layers and make them paintable at your current subdiv level without always having to move between levels.

Note, if you downresed a level say from level 6 to 5, it would lose the extra detail that level 6 had. So if you went from level 6 to level 5, and then back to 6, it would not gain the detail back, the level 6 would retain the detail of the level 5. This is an acceptable limitation.

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