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Frame Selection:

I'd love for there to be a frame selection key in mudbox. This would be identical to the maya "Frame Selection", or 3dsmax's "Zoom Extents", that frames the current camera to the extents of the selected objects.

Some variation of this function exists in pretty much every 3d package, even 2d comp packages like shake has a zoom extents, and is a real necessity when you start dealing with scenes that contain more than a single object, such as landscape or complex characters.

Currently we have a frame all objects command (a), and a frame an area command (f), but this doesn't work well in many situations. For example, hitting f while your mouse is over an object will frame just the area around the mouse, and this frequently leads to a camera that's way too close to your object, or really far away (and if the clipping planes aren't set properly, hitting f can lead to the appearance that all your objects have disappeared, since it's zoomed into an area that's outside the clipping planes).

Like look at the image above. All I did was put my mouse over the car mudbox model, and hit f, and the camera zoomed out so much that the car is now invisible.

With frame selection, mudbox doesn't have to guess how close to zoom, it just frames the currently selected objects to the extent of their bounding boxes.

If you agree with this wish, please go and VOTE for it on the official Autodesk Wishlist. The top voted wishes will be considered for future versions of max.

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