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Multi-Image Stamps:

The current stamp system allows you to modify each stamp with a random rotation, random scale, etc to help break up visible patterns when laying stamps (in both displacement painting, and texture painting). But sometimes those options are not enough to get the level of variety you need.

I would love for the option to use multiple images as stamps in a single brush. This would be similar to the "Image Hose" brush in Corel's Painter software.

Here's an example of what the interface could look like...

So the stamps could have multiple channels, in the case above, this would be the default, the way it currently works, Channel 1 has one image as a stamp, so when you paint, it will always use that particular stamp.

To enable multi-image stamps, you'd click on the 2, and then choose a new image...

Now when you paint, it will randomly choose the first or second image to put down with each stroke. Add more images for more variety, and of course, these would work along with the random rotation and scaling for maximum variety.

If you agree with this wish, please go and VOTE for it on the official Autodesk Wishlist. The top voted wishes will be considered for future versions of max.

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