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Enhancements to Object List:

The Object List needs a major overhaul, in short, it would be nice if it were a little more like the Maya Outliner, the main stop for selecting and editing mudbox files that contain a multitude of objects. Below are some specific improvements I'd like to see.

1) Selecting an object always updates the Object List

Create a scene with a bull, then start sculpting the bull with the sculpting tool. Notice how the object does not appear selected in the object list. Since you're currently affecting the object in the view, that object should be highlighted as selected in the object list. If you're sculpting on multiple objects, each time your brush hits a new object, the object list should update to that new object that you're currently sculpting on.

2) Objects should stay selected in Object List between operations

Select the bull in the object List. Now Hit "Shift-D" To add a subdivision level. Notice the object is no longer selected in the object list, even though internally the object is "selected", since doing "Shift-D" again will affect the bull. Anytime you do an operation, it should retain the selection in the Object List.

This issue causes serious problems with multi object support. Say you have 10 objects, you select all 10 in the object list, you hit "Shift-D", an extra level of subdiv is added to all 10 models, but now no models are selected in the Object List, and if you hit "Shift-D" again, only a single object will receive a second subdiv level. This means if you want to add say 5 subdiv levels to your 10 objects, you have to reselect them after each level is added, which wastes a lot of time.

3) Levels Information is misleading

The Levels:4 info in the object list is misleading, since the number is always 1 more than the highest subdiv level. So an object that's been subdivided 3 times says "Level 4", because it counts level 0. Could we have the Levels thing replaced instead with the number of times a mesh has been subdivided?

4) List in alphabetical order

It would be nice to hit the "Name" tag and have the list order alphabetically. That way if you have 100 objects in your scene, it's far easier to find them if they're in alphabetical order rather than "added to the scene" order.

5) No auto-scroll on Object List

If I have say 100 object, and I select the last object on the list, (the list is so long that there's a scroll bar), then hit "Shift-D", a new subdivision is added, but also the object list scrolls up to the top of the list. Making re-selecting your object cumbersome because you have to rescroll the object list to find the object again.

6) Paint Layer Info

Currently an object will show number of levels and # of sculpt layers on the object in the information section of the object list. I'd also like to see # of paint layers beside the # of sculpt layers.

7) Savable filters

Have a way to save whatever filters (Cameras, Stencils, Geometry, etc) you have set, so you can hide the things you don't want to see, and have that be the default for every time you load mudbox.

8) Double Click to rename node in Object List

Just like you can in Windows Explorer, doing a slow double click on the name of an Object / Material / Light, etc lets you rename it.

Assign A Material To Multiple Objects At The Same Time

When you're importing lots of objects via fbx into your mudbox scene, they all come in with materials imported from the fbx files. But what you really want is for all your object to share a single or just a few materials, either because you want to visualize them all as brown clay for sculpting purposes, or because you want them to share a single material so they can share a single bitmap that you're painting for color. You can do this right now by selecting each object separately and then right clicking and assigning them the material you want. However, this can be quite slow if you have lots of object, or if the objects are particularly heavy, and so selecting them is a slow process. So I'd love the ability to assign a new / existing material to multiple objects at the same time. Ideally, you'd multi-select the objects you want to move in the Object List, right click, and have the assign material menu available the same way you have it now if only a single object is selected. Currently you can right click and get the menu, but the menu only applies the new material to one of your selected objects.

If you agree with this wish, please go and VOTE for it on the official Autodesk Wishlist. The top voted wishes will be considered for future versions of max.

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