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Mixture Of PTEX And UVs On A Single Model:

Currently once a model is setup for PTEX, there's no way to also use UVs on the same model. Just like sometimes its easier to have 3-4 differently configured uvs sets on a single model, sometimes it's nice to have uvs for a model (like say if you have a layer that's best made by mapping a repeating pattern on a 2d surface in a 2d paint program like photoshop), and other paint layers would be best using PTEX (something you don't want to be distorted by your object's UVs). For example, lets say you have a tree, you want the bark layer to use ptex since it's hard to map for that detail, but you also want a color gradient travelng up the side of the tree, which would be best done by mapping the tree from the side using a single planar uv set.

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