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Select Channel To Export:

Say you have a model with 3 diffuse layers of paint. Now say you want to export this channel (ie, all 3 layers) to a psd file to edit in photoshop. Currently, you need to select one of the three layers, right click and say "Export Channel To PSD". This is unintuitive. Since you want all 3 layers to be added to your psd, and not just one, it makes more sense that you'd want to right click on the "Diffuse" label in the Paint Layers area and say
"Export Channel To PSD", however, doing that currently does nothing.

Could we please have it so that you can right click the label "Diffuse", or "Bump" or whatever channel you want to export, and get the
"Export Channel To PSD" dialog?

If you agree with this wish, please go and VOTE for it on the official Autodesk Wishlist. The top voted wishes will be considered for future versions of max.

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