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Liquify Filter In Main Interface:

Currently the Liquify Filter is a filter, it does not work within the standard photoshop interface. It's a really useful filter, especially for correcting the shape and proportions of a line drawing quickly. The general workflow is to make a sketch, then use liquify to reproportion the sketch until it looks good, and then draw back overtop to clean up any artifacts left over from the stretching.

I'd like to see the filter be able to be run just like the transform tools do, right in the standard photoshop interface, and updating in realtime.

Here's a number of problematic situations with the current system.

Lets say you have a simple image, a background gradient, a color layer, a line art layer set to multiply, and a highlight layer set to screen.

Now say you want to change the shape of the outline in liquify. You open the liquify filter, the separate interface opens, and this is what you get...

The reason you get the whiteness is because in the show backdrop section, it's set to show the whole image at 50%. So lets try and change some of these features in Show Backdrop...

"Use" stays at "All Layers", since we want to see all the layers. Under mode, lets change that to behind. That produces the wrong result too, since the layer we're affecting is black on white, and it's not multiplying properly against the layer below.

And then when we do distort the line art, we see our original line art below the modified line art, which gets visually confusing when making subtle changes.

It would be awesome if liquify were just another transform option, and when we started it, the brush would just modify the layer in realtime on the canvas and we saw the final result the whole time.

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