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Liquify Multiple Layers At The Same Time:

Lets say you have a simple image, a background gradient, a color layer, a line art layer set to multiply, and a highlight layer set to screen.

Now say you want to change the shape of the outline and the color layer in liquify. The way you have to do this is...

1) select the line art layer
2) do liquify
3) say Save Mesh.
4) Choose a file to save to.

5) Quit the tool
6) select the color layer
7) go back into the tool
8) load the mesh
9) Hit Ok

That's a lot of button clicks, and has to be done everytime you modify one layer. at the tweaking stage of an illustration, that adds up to a lot of fiddling.

It would be great if it worked on multiple selected layers. We should be able to just select multiple layers (like the line drawing AND the red color layer), and then when we Liquify, our brush strokes get applied to all selected layers at the same time.

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