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New Brush Chooser:

The current way we choose brushes in the photoshop interface could really use an overhaul. The main pain point for me is the amount of time it takes to select a new brush.

I have about 200 brushes I use. There's currently two ways to organize them.

First is flat earth. I have a single brush file that contains all 200 brushes. If I do this, when I right click I get a huge wall of brushes (possibly larger than the entire screen), and now I have to move my mouse quite a distance and do a lot of visual hunting to find the brush I'm after. Try operating a computer file system with no folders for awhile and you'll get the idea. There's a reason we have folders in an OS. And that's why I want to see brush groups.

The second technique is to take similar brushes (clouds, rocks, trees, etc) and put them into separate brush files. This is similar to layer groups (or file folders). But the issue is the amount of time it takes to switch to a new brush file to access a different category of brush. You need to either go to replace brushes, which is quite a number of clicks, or you need to move to the location of the brushes palette where you can switch between brush files, both of these break your workflow because you now have to go find a palette somewhere else in the interface rather than having it your tools where you want to paint your brush stroke.

Here's my proposed system:

The system I show above allows for quick access to brushes, either through hotkeys or by setting up a simple visual hierarchy that allows you to categorize and then move your mouse less to get the brush you want. That would make selecting your brush much quicker which means you can paint faster.

Thanks To David Levy for some of the ideas shown above.

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