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Fully Procedural Filters:

So Smart Objects were added many versions ago as a way to add procedural filters, ie, you can take a layer, apply a filter, and then go back to the filter's settings anytime to change them. However, Smart Objects are only a partial implementation, and don't work in a lot of cases.

For example, say you have painted a few things on a layer. Now you want to Gaussian Blur that layer. You change the layer into a smart object, apply the Gaussian Blur, and you can now go back and change that value anytime you want. So far so good. But what if you want to change the original paint layer by adding some more paint strokes? You now have to remove the Gaussian Blur, convert the layer back to a normal layer, make your paint changes, then turn it back into a smart object, and reapply your Gaussian Blur. This is a lot of extra steps. Another workaround is
you can use "Edit Contents", but that opens a new document with that layer it in, so there's no way to visualize your final result as you paint.

What I'd like instead is for stuff like the Gaussian Blur filter (and all other filters you can apply to smart objects) to be applied to a layer, and then you can still paint or modify what's on the layer in your current document, and the end result you see is the result of the Gaussian Blur filter on the layer in realtime.

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