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Updated: Mar 3rd 2015

This is my personal software wishlist, features I would like to see added to my favorite software. Most wishes come with an explanation page, which goes into depth on how the feature could potentially be implemented. If you choose to write a plugin, or if someone at the company in question decides to use any of these ideas in their software, please feel free to do so, that's the purpose of this page.

Go here for the Official Wishlist run by the developers.

Go here to see old wishes that have appeared in the software.

Vray for 3dsMax
Filterforge Photoshop Looks ACDSee
Total Wishes: 21

Wishes By Category

General Brushes Layers
  • Priority 1: Single Mask Affects Multiple Layers
  • Priority 1: Two Or More Masks Applied To The Same Layer
  • Priority 1: Allow Groups To Be Clipped Layers When Using Clipping Masks
  • Priority 1: When Duplicating A Clipped Layer, Have The Clipped Layers Above It Remain Clipped
Procedural Workflow
  • Priority 1: Fully Procedural Filters
  • Priority 1: Replace Color As An Adjustement Layer
  • Priority 2: Schematic Layer Interface

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