Layers Breakdown: Megastructure Bernal Sphere 3
By Neil Blevins
Created On: Apr 12th 2021

In this Layers Breakdown, I go through the various steps I did to make up my Megastructures painting Bernal Sphere 3. Thanks To Isaac Hannaford and Raj Nattam for the suggestion!

You have two choices with this lesson, watch me discuss the issue in the video below, or read the full text. Note, the text is a shorter version of this breakdown, watch the video for much more detail.

As with many of my images, this is a combination of 3d, photomanip and hand paint. Image 1 below is the simple 3d base I started with made in 3dsmax.

Next here's a close up of the trees. Notice they're just spheres with some noise, they are so small in the final image there's really no point to add more detail than that. I placed them in the max scene using a script I wrote called ObjectPainter that allows you to place objects (the spheres) onto other objects (the curved ground plane) with a brush.

Image 3 is the texture map I made for the ground, a combination of satellite imagery from the internet and lots of hand painting and editing. The roads were placed on a separate layer, then I matched their position with the 3d buildings I had already created.

Image 4 is the raw render with the texturemap applied to the inside of the sphere.

Image 5 is a hand painted element in photoshop that was going to be applied to the 3d blockout.

Image 6 is the painted elements applied to the 3d blockout.

Then I used the same techniques on all the other buildings.

And finally, some color correction, contrast, and a slight 2d camera distortion.

This image will be in my upcoming book "Megastructures", visit this page for more info on the book.

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